What It Costs

Advanced Driver Course (ADC)

The current cost is £149

“Advanced Driver Course (ADC)” is the IAM’s most popular membership option.

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To encourage young drivers under 26 years of age to further improve their driving skills, a refund of £30 is given on taking the Advanced Driving Test.

NOTE:  This Refund is totally independent of IAM House and is financed by the Group and only applies to ADC associates.

There is a Free Taster short Driving Assessment aimed at everyone who is interested in safer driving and who is thinking about taking the IAM Advanced Test.


Group Associate

Having completed a Free Taster (see Membership Options), if the driver elects to continue developing their skills for the Advanced Driver Test, there are two options:

> Purchase the ADC for £149 as above ; or

> Purchase Group Associate membership for £30.  (see Membership Options.)