Membership Options


The Advanced Driver Course” is the IAM’s most popular membership option, giving you – in one payment of £149 – everything you need to pass your Advanced Driving Test and become a full Member of the IAM. The package includes:



Free Taster” is a short Driving Assessment aimed at everyone who is interested in safer driving and who is thinking about taking the IAM Advanced Test.



Individuals may wish to join our group direct in one of the following categories. Group membership is currently £15 per annum and runs from 1 January to 31 December each year.  People joining late in the year will be granted a concession for the following year. Otherwise, membership subscription is due on 1 January each year.

Full Member

Open to existing full members of the IAM.


If you would like to join the group to support our work and participate in group activities but not proceed with driver training, you may join as a friend.

Group Associate

If you would like to join the group to commence your advanced driver training but spread the cost, you may join our group as a Group Associate. The cost of IAM Membership and the test fee will be payable at a later date. This offer is provided by, and for, CADAM only.

Please Note

CADAM caters only for Private Car and small Van categories. IAM Membership is also available for Motorcyclists from other groups. Contact details of these can be obtained from our group (see the “Contacts page) or from the IAM web-site.