Skid Pan Offer……
Skid pan

Skid Pan Offer……

Skid pic

On Saturday 9th September Mike Addis conducted his now infamous training day, going through

the entire requirements of the System of car control that we all are required to adopt in order to

become Advanced drivers. A part of this, usually appears during the afternoon session when

the effects of slippery roads are discussed, this then moves onto a very good way of getting

some preparation for winter conditions is to take as a course on a Skid Pan. Not only is it very

good fun it gives the experience of car sliding in a safe area, then being taught how to control the

slide by very experienced Police Advanced instructors all of whom have served on Traffic duty.

In the past I have organised groups of people, including virtually all of our family, to experience

the fun of three hours driving and training which is available. It has now become an expected

comment from Mike, during his talk to discuss Castle Combe facility and the fact that the group

will organise a session for those who are interested. This was followed by 6 people signing up, I

then put wheels into motion and arranged for all to be at Castle Combe on Saturday November


They all admit a lot was learned, and feel a lot more confident about car control. A part of the

proceedings is the use of ABS. A traffic cone is placed at one end of the course on a good

slippery surface, the Students are with an instructor in the car, each student in turn will drive as

fast as the course will allow full throttle in second gear, directly at the cone, ( granny crossing the

road ). then at the last minute stand on the brakes, ABS. will cut in allowing the car to be steered

around the victim.

The whole day is then wrapped up with a trial against the clock, to drive from a non slippery area

( Garage ) around the course clockwise, spin the car round to then drive round anti-clockwise,

finally reverse back into the garage.

The word has now got around, following the December second training day I now have a further

eight names of people who will be up for fun and learning on February 3rd.

If required other dates can be arranged during the year.

Patrick Ward.